Video: Planetoid – Step Away From The Controls!

by Bryan on Apr.11, 2011, under Media, News, Video

Planetoid - Photo Credit: Seth Drury

Planetoid - Photo Credit: Seth Drury

The almighty Planetoid have released an official music video for “Step Away From The Controls”, the first single off of their latest release, The Abraxas Tactics Phase 1: The Kiss Of The Magnetar. We wouldn’t DREAM of trying to explain the events that occur in this video, so we’ll let the galactic overlords themselves take care of it…

Earth, 1971. A mysterious transmission of unknown origin is decrypted, foreshadowing the arrival Planetoid. Deemed to be too dangerous by the terrestrial powers that be, the footage is locked away, never to be heard or seen again…

…Fast-forward 40 years into the future. The intergalactic alien overlords of Planetoid have resurfaced to launch their insidious new plan: The Abraxas Tactics. The details of this multi-phased sonic assault are unclear, but one thing remains certain: All who stand opposed will be destroyed.



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