Show Review and Photos: Every Time I Die with Oh, Sleeper, Architects and Bring The Me Horizon @ House of Blues

by Nick on Oct.15, 2009, under Live Shows, Reviews

photo by Sam Rosenholtz

photo by Sam Rosenholtz

It was October 4th, and it was my first time attending a show at the recently created House of Blues in Boston, and boy was this one hell of a cherry popper. The lineup for the tour ripping through the states consisted of Oh, Sleeper, Architects, Bring Me the Horizon, and Every Time I Die. In case you haven’t heard of these bands, they are the freshest metal acts to have hit the scene, and they most definitely proved it.

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Kicking the night off was Oh, Sleeper. Yielding from Fort Worth, Texas. I had only heard them a few times before this show, and I definitely liked the recordings, but had yet to really dive into their music. This was my first time seeing them, and they really blew me away. I wished that I had listened through the album and could jump into the crowd and scream their lyrics with the rest of the people they effortlessly riled up. Oh, Sleeper’s music consists of bass heavy breakdowns with great screams that seamlessly switch over to epic vocal harmony driven melodic choruses, all topped off with unreal shredding and sweeping from their sick guitarists. Amidst all of their head-banging and crowd surfing, they managed to pull off a seemingly flawless performance packed with energy and great sing-alongs (or scream-alongs) coupled with fantastically complex and catchy instrumentals. After this tour they’re continuing on another one, so if they come through your area, I advise you check out this sick band.

Next up to break open the pit was UK heavy-hitters Architects. I had never heard of them before tonight actually, but I had high hopes, considering the line-up they were part of for the night. Fortunately, all of my hopes and dreams came true pretty much after the first gigantic power chord was struck. As easy as it is to compare Architects to their other brit-metal tourmates, I would say that their sound most closely resembles what The Bled would sound like had they all been born and raised during the 80s punk rock revolution in the UK. For those of you who don’t immediately catch that reference… that means it sounds amazing. This band has pushed together one heart-wrenching epic metal song after another in their newest album titled ‘Hollow Crown’, which has quickly moved to the top of my iTunes plays since seeing them perform. Their stage presence is fantastic, and their front man’s voice is pretty amazing. He’s some how managed to figure out how to scream at the top of his lungs for four songs, then break out with some of the greatest singing I’ve heard from a metal band, and then go and do them both at the same time. The sound was raw, the adrenaline was pumping, and the set was simply awesome. Props to those guys, that was by far one of the best first impressions I’ve ever experienced from any band.

photo by Sam Rosenholtz

photo by Sam Rosenholtz

“WE WILL NEVER SLEEP” were the only words Mr. Oli Sykes needed to yell to get the entire crowd chanting along to one of Bring Me the Horizon’s highlight songs ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’. Much like the delightful act before them, BMTH are a brit-metal band from across the Atlantic that have recently exploded onto the American metal scene in full force. ‘Suicide Season’, their newest breakout album released on Epitaph Records, is full of one hardcore anthem after the next. I’ve been into them, and mainly that album, for quite a while, so seeing them live for the first time was a great experience for me. All of my favorite fist-pumping breakdowns and palm-muted guitar riffs were pulled off incredibly live, thanks to their amazingly tight drummer. They smoothly combined some more mellow sequenced synth sections of their songs into their live performance to give the audience a break from their constant mosh-pit-inspiring music. Mosh pit after mosh pit and the occasional wall of death ensued thanks to the instruction of the band, while Oli’s voice could quite literally be heard getting ripped to shreds with every growl and scream he let loose.

Another highlight for me was their song, ‘The Sadness Will Never End’, which on the recording includes the guest appearance of the singer from Architects, and for the life performance of the song, he graced the stage once more to contribute his vocals, and making the show that much more spectacular.

_MG_3530 as Smart Object-1To finish up the already amazing night, Every Time I Die stared off with a song from their newest album, “New Junk Aesthetic’, also newly released on Epitaph records. This was the first time ETID had played in Boston in three years, at the time when House of Blues was The Axis, when they went on tour with Dillinger Escape Plan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, ETID is a metal band from buffalo, with a unique sound that can quickly be described as southern-inspired minor-pentatonic-metal gloriousness.

They are veterans of the stage, so much so that they comfortably smoke cigarettes and drink beer mid-performance in between their ultra-energetic breakdowns and front flipping into crowds of people. They also played with a new drummer since the last time I’d seen them, who was sporting a uniquely set up 4-piece drum set, as well as a fantastically groomed mustache to match his guitarist’s also magnificent facial hair. As far as Keith Buckley’s performance goes, you’d think that the screams he’s been unleashing for years would start to have an impact on his singing voice (much like Sykes’), but the truth is every time I see them his screams only get cleaner (or dirtier?) and his singing never fails to deliver. Overall, it’s very clear to me that these guys just love what they do. They obviously have a ton of fun performing, and love their fans, and that’s really what it’s all about right? They rocked a few songs off their new album which blew me away, but kept it classy with stuff off of there equally amazing albums ‘The Big Dirty’, ‘Gutter Phenomenon’, and ‘Hot Damn’, which you should all go check out, as well as everything that every other band on this bill. Best show of the year by far.

Oh, Sleeper
Bring Me the Horizon
Every Time I Die


all photos by Sam Rosenholtz!


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  • lol

    well, A: Hardcore is an incredibly vague genre, and really you could classify bmth under a lot of genres, as well as classifying a lot of hardcore bands as a lot of other genres.
    B: saying that “Last Night In Town” is their best record is cool considering it’s your opinion, but it’s not everybody’s opinion, so chill.
    C: Were you even at the show?

  • B.

    This review is horrible. “Suicide Season’, their newest breakout album released on Epitaph Records, is full of one hardcore anthem after the next.” BMTH isn’t even remotely a hardcore band. And you skipped over the fact that ETID has 5 full lengths, the best one being the one you didnt even mention “Last Night In Town”. Do some research before writing reviews on things you don’t know about. Also, this isn’t a review, it’s straight gushing over the show. Terrible.

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